Grand Final Day #1 2010

We had a fun Grand Final Day at our great friends’ house, Ben and Jill. No comment will be made in this post about the actual footy game that the nation witnessed today. We are yet to decide if we will be celebrating another Grand Final Day next weekend…

Two Ben10 fans, Hurricane Harry and Matty Monsoon, in the Elvis Room. It is called this due to the mural of Elvis in the background, painted by the previous owners.

Georgia being gorgeous, sitting at the bar with her friends, making ‘best friend’ potions and ‘go crazy’ potions. She also came home talking about Justin Beaver (great).

Milly being gorgeous. I still remember when this girl was born, nearly 8 years ago. I have witnessed her grow into this gorgeous young girl and I adore her.

There was delicious food! Cheeses, veges, salads, breads, BBQd delicacies and plenty of excellent company of good friends. Most adults had plenty of beer and wine to feast on too. I like Tasmanian water :|

We flew a kite and kicked the footy in the backyard park at ‘half time’.’ Check out that sky! Considering it was a rainy, windy day to begin with, today was a brilliant day in terms of weather. Gorgeous! Almost warm!

I flew a kite for the first time in aaaages. I remember flying a kite with my dad when we lived in Melbourne in the 80s. We have had some kite-flying experiences with our little family since then, but I had forgotten how exhilarating it is to fly a kite! I can’t remember what I look like without that bump though!

Matty was rapt to fly the kite too! He was really good at it. He held on tightly to the handle, and Ben held tightly onto Matthew because he thought he was going to blow away! The winds were pretty strong and Matty only weighs 17 kilos!

There was make-up experimentation. This is just the beginning of a lot of experimentation, fun, ‘discussions with mother’ and scrubbing (to get it off).

A great day was had by all. Photos of men (after too many beers) playing ‘throw the frisbee into the fire’ have not been included in this post. Despite really wanting to post pictures, I better not.

I am impressed with the clarity of these photos, taken with my new phone. Who needs a compact camera when you have a phone?

Lovely, happy day!