What better way to nourish my hardworking husband than to feed him his favourite sweet? Apple and cinnamon anything is the way to Monte’s heart, and this morning Georgia and I (mostly Georgia) baked apple cinnamon scrolls for the family. They took longer to make than to eat, but a warm, freshly baked morning tea on the sunny deck was just what we all needed today. Cos you can never eat too much apple cinnamon.

I found a two-ingredient pizza base here. After a few tries, I’ve altered the base recipe a bit: 2 cups self raising flour to one cup of natural yogurt (ratio changes with the brand of yogurt, among other things). The ingredients need a lot of mixing and kneading time, but it works so well and is very tasty for sweet or savoury toppings.

We rolled out the base, almost thinly, and spread melted butter on top. We then sprinkled finely diced apple all over the base, and topped it off with healthy sprinklings of sugar and cinnamon.

We rolled the whole thing up together to make a sausage shape, and then sliced it into about 14 even slices.

I baked the scrolls in our electric oven at 220 degrees for less than 10 minutes. Omg they were just super!


Guaranteed to take longer to make than to eat!

I must be on holidays!