I love eating fish. We usually buy Atlantic salmon or Basa fillets. We usually grill our fish, or sometimes pan fry in butter.

I wanted to try something different with some Basa. Usually we would spray our grill with cooking oil, shake some seasoning onto the fish and grill for a few minutes. I just didn’t feel like scrubbing the grill, so I laid some foil onto a baking dish and placed the fillets on the foil.

I cut butter into cubes and dotted them around the fish.

Then I splashed some milk over the fish – probably 1/3 cup.

At Monte’s request. I sprinkled on a healthy dash of Moroccan seasoning…


We covered the fish with more foil and we baked it in the bottom of a medium-hot oven for 30 minutes, checking it a few times to test if it was done.

It tasted awesome. It was creamy, with a slight milk flavour.


And was beaut with salad:


And the children loved it, especially Elora!