There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction you feel when you bring food from your garden to your table. Firstly, it just tastes better. Secondly, your efforts are justified and you can enjoy whole-heartedly the literal fruits and Veges of your labour!

Monte and I like to spend time in the garden during the evenings. Yesterday we harvested the remaining radishes.

We decided to make more pickled radishes, which taste like pickled onions, actually. Our friends PJ and Miranda gave us the idea a while ago.

We topped, washed and gently scrubbed the radishes.

In a saucepan, Monte gently roasted cummin seeds. He then added 1/2 cup sugar, 1 cup of vinegar, some black peppercorns and some mustard power. He let it all combine and heat up a bit whilst sterilizing a jar. This is enough for a 400g jar of pickled radishes.

We stuffed the radishes into the jar, roots generally pointing down. The radishes were then covered with the pickling mixture. With the lid screwing onto the jar straight away, a seal was created.

The pickled radishes should be ready to start devouring in three-four days. Yum.