It’s Saturday morning and the fire is cranking. The Esse is hot and the house is warm. So warm that I have to keep some windows open so we get a cool breeze (and the sounds of rain, birds and frogs) flowing through the house. I love autumn.

There are five children in the house this morning. Five!

You know how hungry children get. For breakfast I thought I would make their favourite: pancakes!


Pancakes are easy to make. My family loves my fat pancakes. The recipe is simple.

this recipe makes 15 huge pancakes

4 cups self raising flour
3 cups milk
2 eggs
Butter for frying

you will need
Large frying pan
Large egg flip
1/3 cup measure

Mix ingredients until mixture is almost smooth
Place a tbs butter onto hot frying pan (pancakes cook best on a very hot pan)
Spoon mixture onto frying pan using the 1/3 cup measure
Cook 3-4 pancakes on the pan, turning them when they are bubbling
Remove them from the pan when they are golden brown on both sides, and quite firm
Repeat process until all mixture is used – always grease pan before adding fresh mixture!

I like mine with maple syrup, or homemade peach jam, with cream!