To celebrate her recent birthday, Georgia had a few friends over for a slumber party on Friday. The girls came to our house after school. Having the sleepover on a Friday was a great idea because the girls then had the whole weekend to recover. We set the pick up time at around 10:00am.

The girls ran around the backyard for a while, then we ate party food. They played games, watched a movie and painted their nails after a yummy pizza dinner. They also talked until midnight. We had pancakes and orange juice and a pot of tea for breakfast and the girls went home very happy, after having such a fun time.

I made a slumber party cake for Georgia. It’s a square chocolate cake, with pink buttercream frosting. Very simple. The little people, in their sleeping bags, are made from white chocolate timtams, and they have marshmallow pillows to rest their heads. It was an easy cake and the girls loved it because they got to eat their own little person. I made a separate one for Matthew as well.