In the earlier years of our relationship, I would frequently visit Monte’s house. I’ve always been a bit besotted with Montague. My grandmothers always told me that fellas like a bit of good cooking, so I collected quite a few recipes before I got hitched to the love of my life.

Yesterday I rummaged through my bag of recipes (written on all sorts of paper) and I found some handwritten recipes from my nana, Yvonne. I got teary because I remember the days she wrote out some of her favourite recipes for me as I was entering wifedom.

Then I found some other recipes, namely for puddings, which I used to make regularly. I would go to Monte’s house and I would be asked to make a pudding for dessert: lemon pudding, chocolate pudding or butterscotch pudding. I knew the recipes off by heart and I felt very useful in my quest for domesticity.

Because I haven’t made these puddings since we lived in Adelaide, I had forgotten the recipes. Finding the recipes yesterday had Monte asking me to make his favourite: butterscotch pudding. Lionel from our church in Adelaide had given this recipe to my mum, who gave it to me and I am sharing it today.

Butterscotch Pudding

:: 1 cup SRF
:: 3/4 cup sugar
:: 60g melted butter
:: 1/2 cup milk

:: 30g butter
:: 1 1/2 cup water
:: 2 Tbsp golden syrup

To make batter for pudding, mix dry ingredients together
Mix the melted butter and milk and add to dry ingredients
Mix well and pour into greased dish

To make the butterscotch sauce, melt butter and golden syrup in the water on the stovetop (don’t let it boil)
*Gently* pour the sauce over the pudding batter.

Cook in a moderate oven (180 degrees) for 40 minutes.
I used a ceramic baking dish without a lid, and cooked the pudding in the lower oven of the esse of 50 minutes. We served ours with cream.


My photos are ordinary and I am ok with that. I am also ok about not thinking about taking a photo of the pudding before we tucked in and ate most of it.