I know. It’s hard to believe we are having this conversation. Roasted cabbage?

I saw a recipe for roasted cabbage on Pinterest. I can’t remember the exact original recipe, but I liked the idea of roasting cabbage. The easiest meals to cook are the ones that you can prepare, shove in the oven or on the stove and then leave them there until they are done! Roasts are like that.

For our roasted cabbage, I quartered a cabbage, sat the cabbage quarters on individual squares of aluminum foil and drizzled them with olive oil. I added some chilli sauce and a splash of apple cider vinegar to each. I wrapped them firmly in foil and sat them in a baking dish. I cooked them in a hot oven for about 45 minutes and they turned out sweet, tender and delicious!


I served up the cabbage with a tasty beef stew. I can’t remember the recipe of the stew because I made it up on the spot! I do remember using topside steaks though. Thank you, Ernie.