10/6/12: Monte and I spent the afternoon gardening. We made good progress. The ornamental mulberry looks particularly pretty, with its naked branches spotted with pink berries.


9/6/12: We went to a friend’s birthday party. It was a lot of fun.


8/6/12: I had a fun time feeding Bessie. She’s like a very big, very strong puppy dog.


7/6/12: Georgia had a dance performance and afterwards we had a play at Dru Point in Margate.


6/6/12: 6+6=12. Numbers are interesting, aren’t they. Today the children and I went for a play at the local school playground. It was very cold but we had a nice time and it was fun running about, getting fresh air.


5/6/12: Georgie and I had a wonderful outing together – just the two of us. We had lunch at a little cafe; did some shopping and went for dessert before getting our hair cut.


4/6/12: after Georgia performed in the dance eisteddfod we took the children to Pizza Hut for a big lunch.