Chicken casserole. I had 90 minutes to make dinner. I was in a hurry and this worked out really well. A simple on-the-spot recipe.

Elora was whingeing. Monte was absorbed in his work. I’d accidentally allowed Georgia and Matthew to eat leftover lollies from Elora’s party (another post). Things were a bit hectic but I didn’t want the grilled chicken and stewed cabbage that our menu on the kitchen wall was telling me we were having!

I sliced a few mushrooms. Maybe 8 or so. I also sliced a large onion and I lay them all in the base of my casserole dish. I gave it a healthy serving of Moroccan (monte’s favourite – did you know?) and marjoram and thyme.

I took my three chicken breasts and sliced them in quarters, lengthways. I browned them in a hot pan. It smelled great. There’s something about fried food – we usually grill our meat. Gets boring.

Anyway, when the chicken was golden brown, I lay them over my mushies and onions. I suppose you could add more Veges. Celery would be neat here. I covered the lot in a tomato based sauce. Like leggos or something. If I was really awesome I would’ve made my own sauce (I did; it’s in the freezer though and I was in a hurry!).

I put the casserole, lid on, in my oven for an hour or more. The oven said ‘very hot’ but was on the bottom of that section. You remember that I cook with a wood stove? It’s awesome, but the temperature gauge is a but vague. Luckily the oven is tres forgiving!

Whilst the casserole was cooking, I shredded 1/4 cabbage. I cooked it in a big pot, with a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and a tablespoon of dried chili flakes. I was so adventurous by adding a tsp of sugar and 1/2 tsp of salt. It cooked for about an hour.

The children enjoyed their casserole with an assortment of normal Veges, whereas monte and I had cabbage with ours. Our cooking has become a lot more complex since starting our diet. We usually eat different meals to the children, so our work has doubled, but it is worth it.


Rebecca’s chicken casserole with chili cabbage. Delicious!