Our son is a fussy eater – compared to me, anyway. He does like sausages though. Even better, he likes sausage rolls.

I’m a fan of the saussie roll, but we are not in the habit of making them, unless it’s for a party. However, if Matty wants a sausage roll for lunch (or dinner), then this is what we sometimes do (and here I must thank my friends for the idea – you know who you are):

Saussie Rolls ;)

Yes, it is a sausage wrapped in bread! Hardly original! But to a little boy, it is a sausage roll, okay? And, if I do say so myself, it is wrapped up rather nicely.

Take a piece of wholegrain bread (in our house, there is no other) and slice the crusts off thinly. Flatten and widen the bread with a rolling pin. You could smear tomato sauce over the bread; Matty prefers to dip it.

Slice or dice a sausage thinly, and arrange it along one side of the bread, as if you were about to make sushi. I find that 1 slice of bread takes 1/2 a sausage. You could get fancy. You could mash up Veges and sausages/meat (!) before rolling it up (you just don’t want the mixture to be too wet).

Roll the sausage up in the bread. Secure with a toothpick or some milk – just wet the ends and press down – again, like sushi (for which you’d use water… Water would work here too).

Slice your sausage roll(s) and arrange on plate, with dipping sauce, trees (broccoli), sunrays (carrot sticks) and green gems (peas). Or not.

Can I just say that Matty is a great eater of Veges. He eats them whether we give them fancy names or not. Moreover, he doesn’t need his food arranged in pretty pictures (even if I like to do so for my own pleasure). I’m just saying that so you don’t think he’s a tanty pants who only eats sausage rolls.

But I’ve made a curry for tea tonight, so guess what fussy-pants will be eating ;)

Matthew :)