16/12/12: the highlight of today was sewing with Georgia in the afternoon, after we had all exhausted ourselves with swimming.


15/12/12: we had a superb lunch with some superb friends. And when the sheep escaped we had extra helpers to herd them back into their paddock!


14/12/12: Santa came to Geeveston, riding a ride-on lawnmower, at the Geeveston Christmas parade and carols festival this evening!


13/12/12: we went to the park. Simple fun on this warm afternoon, with their apples and their smiles and all their energy. All. Their. Energy.


12/12/12: this moment. All three of them deep in concentration with their artwork and Christmas card writing. LOVE.


11/12/12: Georgia and Matthew had their school Christmas concert. Their smiles on the stage were just perfect.


10/12/12: she was singing with me

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