9/12/12: today was a great day. Shopping in Hobart and picnicking with some lovely friends and colleagues from our time at GDHS.


8/12/12: for us, preparing for Christmas is all about the creative fun. Today, painting salt dough decorations. They loved it; Elora was very good at it too.


7/12/12: Bendigo bank Christmas dinner


6/12/12: ladies’ lunch. Lots of food, fun, friendship. Matthew danced in his early childhood DanceFever concert at school but I didn’t get a good photo on my iPhone.


5/12/12: Georgia dancing with her school at the DanceFever competition. Awesome!


4/12/12: I was reading in my room after the children were in bed, when I heard a sound. I thought it was one of the dogs at first, but after a few minutes I decided to check on it. Turns out my little darling was sitting by the Christmas tree, watching the lights and studying the decorations. I thought it was too cute to be cranky about it; he is so excited about Christmas!


3/12/12: yay! I finished this scarf, which I made into a cowl by crocheting the ends together. It is made with angora, which I bought 5 years ago. I used this pattern. I’ve got to decide what to do with it now.

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