18/11/12: definitely the highlight of my day was spending quality time with my boy. We played chasey outside, played fruit salad, jumped on the trampoline together and did lots of hugging and chatting.


17/11/12: I love where we live. Weekends feel like holidays. We did jobs around the house, together, and then we toasted marshmallows on an open fire.


16/11/12: we bought a kayak! Can’t wait to go for a paddle with the kids!


15/11/12: only toddlers think of the culinary delights of sultanas and savoy crackers. Good thinking, Elora. Cute.


14/11/12: after swimming with the children this afternoon, we came home to sit on the deck and have icy poles.


13/11/12: cooking dinner with all my children.


12/11/12: I was putting Elora to bed. She chatted away. As usual, she got me singing her lullaby about a million times, and I just stroked her hair and thought that that was the only place I wanted to be.

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