14/10/12: what a glorious weekend. Today was such a relaxed day, and the children played so perfectly. Georgie surprised us by making delicious sandwiches. Monte and I went for a walk about the property, saying hello to the cows and exploring the forest. Elora entertained us in the evening with her jumping practice, and her cute version of chicken feeding. Matthew and Georgie did scrapbooking and made us some gifts. I am so proud of their creativity. Today, I feel so lucky.


13/10/12: highlights: going for a fantastic run with jac and naigee; heading out to the Huon Valley small business expo; being asked if I’m interested in modelling for a local business; having a loooong lunch with some very good people; and having a late movie night with our oldest kids and the dogs. Awesome day!


12/10/12: Friday evening. Elora eating Camembert!


11/10/12: such a beautiful evening, and I danced on the deck with my babies whilst Monte cooked the BBQ (and took pictures, obviously). So much fun!

10/10/12: Matty and I have cuddles and he reads to me, which feels slightly odd sometimes, because it seems as though he was only born yesterday.


9/10/12: I worked, came home, made a beautiful butter chicken for dinner, as well as do some other bits of housework and chat to each of the children about their day, all between the hours of 4:45-6:30. I am a goddess.


8/10/12: the highlight of my day was having Elora make me two teas, four coffees, a bikkie and two pieces of cake (cut and microwaved) in her new kitchen!

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