2/9/12: Happy fathers day Monte, and dad, and Gordon. We spent the day outdoors, gardening and relaxing. Soon we will have even more flowers to pick.


1/9/12: I am so happy that it is spring! We went off for the day to do some shopping and go for a drive whilst Georgia was at a party. My boy wanted to look at Sleeping Beauty, so we stopped for a wander. I love him.


31/8/12: Matthew lost another top tooth. He looks so cute!


30/8/12: I think the Burpees are the killer in this one and I did 100 of them. I am sore.


29/8/12: I took my class for a bushwalk to Silver Falls and then we danced with 2000 other primary students for the southern Tasmania primary school dance event. It was so much fun. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I have the best job.


28/8/12: my daughters having an evening cuddle and story together.


27/8/12: an evening chat with Georgie.

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