26/8/12: a friend gave me some flowers. They are daphnes and they smell divine! I haven’t been feeling well; it’s true that flowers brighten up your day.


25/8/12: I love Saturdays. The children decorated some gingerbread people. Magic times.


24/8/12: new bedding. I love my bedroom.


23/8/12: I sat at home. In the quiet. With my crochet and my magazine. In the sunshine.neigh the French doors open, letting in the mild, fresh, spring-is-coming air. And I thought to myself: this is amazing.


22/8/12: I received new books in the post, for sewing, teaching, baking and crochet. Some of my favourite things.


21/8/12: I was lucky to have a tea party with Elora. She made me cups of tea and did a little dance. I cam captivated by her beauty every day.


20/8/12: it’s the gorgeous one. I came home late after work (late being 4:30, but still). The power had been out all day so Monte couldn’t work. Instead, he went running and worked in the garden and did lots of cooking: pumpkin soup a la Donna Hay (‘Seasons’), beef stew and bolognese. We now have lots of meals in the fridge and freezer, and Monte had a fun time doing all the cooking.

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