27/5/12: possibly the most pleasant moment for me was feeding Bessie this morning. It was a pleasant morning. Sometimes it’s necessary to focus on the simple, delightful things.

And Matthew enjoyed giving Bessie her evening feed!

20120527-063528.jpg26/5/12: an autumn wander was a time of fresh air, a bit of exercise and a time of solitude for me and d’Artagnan.

20120525-201537.jpg25/5/12: Happy birthday to my father in law. Today I received a new crochet book in the post. I’ve been looking at this one for a while and I feel inspired to make a blanket.

Today I received a cool compliment. I took some photos of the Gyuto Monks for school:

20120525-201218.jpg24/5/12: one of the perks of teaching primary aged students is that they tend to bring cupcakes on their birthdays! Today was one of those days, and I cannot resist vanilla cakes with cream cheese frosting! The little sugar animal cake toppers are apparently from Woolworths. Thank you, recently-turned-10-year-old!

20120523-204949.jpg23/5/12: with the stressful drain of looking after and worrying about a sick cow, and feeding Bessie (I’m not complaining; we love those cows), as well as our busy schedule, it’s such a pleasure to sit with our feet up while we enjoy a cup of tea and some quiet reading time. He is reading another Clive Cussler. I’m writing this post – with every intention to do some school prep (or not).

20120523-203646.jpg22/5/12: thank goodness for online shopping, especially for working mothers who live in semi-rural areas. We have access to shops all over the world. Today in the post I received a book from England, Blythe accessories from America and my Sportscraft dress from Australia [via China]). Yay!

21/5/12: palindromic date! I’m just enjoying my daughter Georgia. After a few serious conversations about respect, trust, maturity and responsibility, she is trying hard to always behave herself and be cheerful about things. That means that we have more opportunities to hang out together. She is loving it too: more time together to do fun stuff like do our hair and get ready for bed and take silly photos together!

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