15/4/12: a day out at Catamaran, which is near the very south of Australia, near Cockle Creek. Monte went diving for Abalone and we had fun in the beach, walking, watching, eating. I have love love loved having my mum visit.


14/4/12: today has been a magnificent day. To make it more superb, our rendering was being done. It’s not completed yet, but it’s very close. We had a team of five strong brutes working away, from 7am to 6pm. We are utterly blessed with the goodness of wonderful friends.


13/4/12: I cannot choose one particular moment from this day and call it my favourite. The weather was perfect. We went shopping in Hobart. We went and picnicked and played at a playground before doing more shopping, visiting friends, who gave us so much salmon, and then going to another playground for icecreams, bird watching and play. To top off this wonderful day, we had dinner out. I love having my mum here! It has been fantastic fun.


12/4/12: the local playground with my children and my mum. Icecreams were involved, as were glorious views on this sunny day.


11/4/12: my mum is here. Stories with children who are excited to see their nanny after 6 months. It feels easier with her here.


10/4/12: my son did go to his friend’s house and he did wear this. I promise.


9/4/12: it’s good to be home, even though we had a lovely holiday. One thing I enjoyed was keeping everybody out of the kitchen so I could try some new recipes from a new cookbook. We ate this Greek meal with some salad. Everybody seemed impressed.

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