12/3/12: The dogs are great with our children, with this photo a testament to the gentle nature of our 12 year old kelpie, d’Art. Ella is pretty awesome too.20120312-204026.jpg

13/3/12: it has been a long day, with the frequent wakenings of my baby during the night, followed by a busy day at work and a busy afternoon of housework. Not to mention the many duties of being a mum. Receiving a lovely pair of pashminas from Turkey (another etsy find) in the post was exciting. I love wearing scarves and these are beautiful – plus they come with a pretty crochet flower brooch. I am thinking of returning to this seller and buying more for gifts for others. They feel divine and the colours are bright and clear.

14/3/11: the cutest moment was when Matthew told me to ‘shh’ when I said goodnight to him, ‘otherwise the tooth fairy won’t come.’ he lost another tooth today! He is the star of the week at school. He is the tallest in his class. Georgia had her poem published in the school newsletter. 20120314-201105.jpg
I’m such a proud mum. I have two lovely daughters:

15/3/12: the difference this Lego made for one of my students meant that this was one of the most rewarding and satisfying days of my teaching career so far.

16/3/12: I spent half an hour in the paddock. Just the cows and me. I opened the gate and they all came over to me. I love Nina.
And I went out to dinner in the city with some girlfriends. It was a fantastic evening. I can’t wait until next time.

17/3/12: Monte and I went to a 70s party. It was the joint birthday of three of our girlfriends and was at the Palais in Franklin. We knew most of the people because Geeveston is so small. It was a lot of fun. We danced all evening. I love 70s music.
Well, the invitation specifically said ‘Wear 70s dress’ so Montague took that quite literally and wore the outfit I had for my 30th! Hahaha! 20120318-073947.jpg
These are authentic 1970s dresses that I have bought from eBay. I like buying retro clothing and the dresses are so nice to wear.

18/3/11: what started off as a challenging day ended up being a fun and happy and productive one. It’s always good when that happens isn’t it! I enjoyed spending time with the cows and other animals, patting them and chatting to them. The moment that stands out to me was sitting down for a rare moment with Elora, who had brought a story book to me. Whilst reading, I glanced outside. The plants are growing and the late afternoon autumn sunshine gave them a lovely glow. Autumn is my favourite season and I love the light of autumn. I ventured into the garden.
the mulberry tree is looking so healthy!
I admired the chainsaw sculpture Monte made for me nearly four years ago. It’s a sculpture of baby Matthew and me (when we moved here Matthew was the age Elora is now). Lovely multi-talented Monte!
And finally, the children were all captivated by Monte’s evening storytelling.

Today was a three-photo day but it could have been more. A good end to a great week.

I just remembered that today is exactly 2 years since we moved into our house (18/3/10). Yay!

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