20/2/12: pretty new shoes for my pretty little girl. Totally frivolous and impractical – but Elora loved dancing around and stomping around in them, and that made me happy.


21/2/11: I am loving my job so much. My students leave their shoes by the door. It’s a school rule. They do it really neatly and without being reminded. Usually.


22/2/12: I thought I might continue this week’s theme of happy-shoe-moments by including photos of some shoes I bought today, but I decided this moment was much better. I gave the children icecreams tonight. It’s a rare treat in our house. The kids have been super duper awesome and helpful as I get accustomed to full time work. They certainly deserved a treat. Elora didn’t miss out either; she got a little Icecream and, boy, did she enjoy it!


23/2/11: this man, this music and this food.


24/2/12: I got a new Blythe doll. Big highlight. She’s the one on the right.


25/2/12: remember this post? Well, today Georgie was looking for silk worms in our mulberry tree and she found ripened berries!

It’s very exciting! We picked the dark berries, which shone dark burgundy in the heat of the sun (38 degrees today). The taste of the berries reminded me of my childhood, although the berries of our ornamental tree are much smaller than the ones from the large tree where I grew up in Sydney.
Another highlight for be was watching my children read together. I’m so proud of them and my heart races when I see them like this.


26/2/12: such a hot day. Monte competed in the summer challenge, doing the kayak and running legs. I’m so proud of him. Back at home, the children and I had a quiet day. I’m noticing more and more that Elora dotes so much on Matthew. She follows him around, copies him – and she always chooses to sit next to him. I found the pair in the cubby, reading books.


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