14/2/12: my last day of holidays before I start teaching at a new school! A cake was baked and eaten outside at morning tea time. Blackberries were picked. I saw the image of a deer in my coffee. Two of my children had lots of snuggles on the sofa. Love bless and love.


14/2/11: my first day of work at a new school. It was good. I came home to husband and baby having a swing outside. Elora and I cuddled all evening and she went to bed early. Of course I felt guilty leaving her so I could work – but it feels so good to work. But leaving this beautiful baby at home (or Childcare) so I can try to educate other people’s children…:


15/2/12: work. I came home to happy children and I feel happy. As I was doing some prep for tomorrow’s class, I was happy to see so many bright colours at my desk (which is currently the kitchen bench because the dining table is covered with washing, my sewing table is strewn with fabric – new and vintage – and my desk in the office is covered with things that need to be put in our new cupboards!). I love primary school: I have had to do some creative stuff in preparation for my little kids tomorrow and it strikes me as a fun way to be!


16/2/12: For me, the highlight was dancing on the deck after dinner. We sang songs and danced and laughed and clapped. Such joy!


17/2/12: such a great day, busy day. Tiring day, happy day. I found comfort snuggling under this quilt – the first one I ever made – with Elora and Matt, whilst Monte and Georgia were at cricket. We just cuddled and watched ‘ice age.’ It was the very best thing about my day.


18/2/11: an afternoon out with the family. The children enjoyed playing in the playground and at the beach – and then we had pizza, alfresco style, by the beach.


19/2/12: I was able to steal a few minutes this afternoon, whilst the baby slept and the older children were playing outside in the cubby. Monte was working. I made a cup of tea and piled cushions onto the sofa. I sat there, feet up, sipping my hot steaming cuppa and listening to the rain pouring outside whilst the fire crackled inside! How blissful!
The moment did not last very long – long enough for me to drink most of my tea though – because the children came inside and snuggled against me, and I read ‘Tarzan’ to them. It was lovely.