Why not wear one of my new dresses? (not from an op shop this time!)
We went to Cygnet today with Maxine, Gordon and little Ella, of course. It was a fun time of coffee, walking, browsing, shopping and having lunch in the cool shade of a quaint cafe.
Cygnet is filled with little boutique shops and galleries, and we enjoyed looking around, especially at the works of local artisans.
Elora got a new dolly, which she was pretty stoked about. I’ll never forget her excitement as she grabbed my shopping bag and peered in, squealing with delight as she pulled ‘Coco’ out of the bag. She gave her a big cuddle and the two of them have been inseparable ever since.

Ella, meet ‘Coco,’ a friend to Jac-Jac and Polly
We forgot to bring the pram along, so little Elora had to walk everywhere, or go on daddy’s shoulders.

check out those gorgeous squidgy baby thighs!
And of course she slept during the 30 minute drive home.

Did I break my one-photo rule? Are there any rules?