I can’t help it. Seeing two of my children in such a loving embrace had to be my favorite moment. The blessings in my life are abundant.


Of course, my other favorite part of the day was adding 6m of shelving to our pantry. It meant taking out a shelf or more of pantry items, but restocking the shelves was a good opportunity to sort things out. Also, it has given me more space to store some boxes of platters and bowls etc that we don’t use much, and also a more suitable place to store my vintage linens. And throughout the process, the lovely Monte made me a bacon and egg salad for lunch :D



Since following the story of Lilah Sophie on Facebook, I have been trying to say ‘yes’ to my children more. So when Matthew, who was offered jelly and Icecream and jelly for dessert, asked for an Icecream-in-a-cone and jelly-in-a-bowl, I decided to say yes. Sometimes I can be a real stick in the mud, but in this case, I was not :)