9/3/11: Come home from work. I put Elora to bed; everybody else is out at school. I sit down in the sunshine to eat my lunch. Such peace and quiet! I can't photograph the serenity, so I photograph the food that I am able to eat in such serenity.

8/3/11: Elora came to work with me (again); she is so good!

7/3/11: Walking Georgia home from the bus stop. We looked at lots of wild flowers and marvelled at the beauty down our road

6/3/11: A big Goulding-Smith family reunion, and Matthew and Auntie Sarah found time for a wander down the hill and a chat about our fairy kingdom and a cuddle. Beautiful moment!

5/3/11: walking in the paddocks on a family adventure of blackberry picking... a wonderful day!

4/3/11: Catching up for the first time in 16 months, the cousins have dinner together!

4/3/11: Snuggles with my baby girl at the crack of dawn!

3/3/11: Matthew playing with the little dolls house - one of his most favourite toys. Love it.

1/3/11: The first day of Autumn... of course the weather is totally crap!

28/2/11: Georgia and Matthew go into their play tent for story time and a game of 'childcare.' PS Happy birthday Grandma!

27/2/11: The lilies that MG gave me are blooming... my favourite