25/2/11: So in love with this cherub! Her thumb-sucking means that she can get herself back to sleep easily, and is sleeping through for 13 hours, only sometimes waking when I go to bed for a 'dreamfeed.' Gotta love it!

24/2/11: I'm feeling poorly, and am miserable about it; Georgia wrote me this note, which cheered me up, even just for her benefit

23/2/11: Matthew's sticker for 'good listening' (the third in a row! :))

22/2/11: Homegrown blackberries. Another few hours of serious picking and there might be enough to make some jam.

20/2/11: I am so proud that not only does Georgia love knitting, but she is really good at it too!

19/2/11: Monte said he hadn't bought me flowers for a while, so he bought me a bunch of flower seeds (gotta love him)

18/2/11: Sisters, doing sit-ups just to see each other's faces :D

17/2/11: An evening family walk up our road. I am happiest when we all hang out together :D

16/2/11: Elora smiling up at me from the classroom floor whilst I was at work

15/2/11: Matthew's first bus trip to school. Georgia looks after him so beautifully; maternal through and through :)

14/2/11: a bag of apples from a neighbour (during a time when there were no apples in the roadside stalls or the supermarkets!)

13/2/11: fruit platter, a daily ritual - this one was created by our Georgia!

12/2/11: lilies blooming - one of my favourites

12/2/11: Little girls' clothes from a friend :)

11/2/11: just a very small portion of our homegrown zukes :)

10/2/11: Elora's first taste of 'solids' ... a smile moment, knowing that things are being prepared for my return to work

9/2/11: a basket of baby's washing! And that's just a few days' worth :D

8/2/11: gardening after dinner with my family makes me happy

7/2/11: Matty is so good with the computer... although his Tetris strategies are a bit unorthadox