31/1/11 (3!): night time snuggles with Elora, all clean from her bath, and smelling that divine baby smell that I love. Definitely another smile moment for this happy day!

31/1/11 (2): Matthew's school books - all covered with none other than Ben10, of course!

31/1/11: Georgia picked veges for our dinner!

30/1/11: fresh beetroot from our vege garden. They were roasted (unpeeled, with stalks and roots attached, and removed after cooking) and they were senbloodysational!

29/1/11 (2): brotherly love. And doesn't Elora love him!

29/1/11: We went to a party. Matthew made me a special necklace for the occasion!

28/1/11: Wow. I am really really really blessed

27/1/11: taking my little girl(s) into Hobart for some serious shopping helped ease the sadness of saying goodbye to Amanda and Frances.

26/1/11: Australia day, spent outdoors. And here my Georgia is showing Frances how to fix her knitting. Go Georgia!

25/1/11: going out to dinner with Mandy! Excellent big smiles!

24/1/11: Georgia looking ultra grown up. Deary me!