6/2/11: Our 12th wedding anniversary picnic. Monte couldn't understand why I wouldn't just relax! It was a lovely picnic spot, and I love my family, but next time... less water, thanks.

5/2/11: I knitted this lovely cardigan for Elora. It took me four evenings. She is very cuddly in it.

4/1/11: Me, feeding my baby at the beach after succumbing to the dentist. One old filling replaced with a lovely new one, and it didn't hurt. Smile!

3/2/11: first day of school! First day of kinder for Matthew, and first day of grade 2 for Georgia! It makes me smile, but it makes me a bit teary too. Time really does travel too quickly!

2/2/11: I took the children to the playground. We had a picnic. I will miss them when they go to school!

1/2/11: Matthew and Georgia serenaded us, first thing in the morning, with their beautiful singing and guitar playing