23/1/11: a walk in the forest with people I love was divine. It was a beautiful day.

22/1/11: my four-year-old son is wearing size one pants!

21/1/11: Earthmoving has been happening on the house block, and d'Artagnan seems to love the soft topsoil that will soon be home to many blooms and veges. Here she is, basking in the backyard.

20/1/11: Amanda and Frances have come to visit. The girls don't waste any time. Makeup and colouring in together is quickly on the agenda. These girls have been friends since they were born (one week apart) and we can see their friendship enduring the ages.

19/1/11: an upset baby... easily soothed in the ring sling. Brings a smile to my face; she is the dearest dear. I love her face when she sleeps, especially snuggled against my like this. One of my favourite photos!

18/1/11: an outdoors meal - pizza in the weber! Delicious! mnomnomnom

17/1/11: my son, dressed as Superman, and using my Ikea tabletop ironing board as a surfboard! His tutorial on how to surf was very interesting indeed!

16/1/11: sewing with my daughter - actually, my daughter is doing the sewing, and I feel very proud! She made a dilly bag to keep her knitting in!

15/1/11: My lillies in bloom. I think they were pink last year, so who knows what happened along those lines of communication, but they are beautiful, and my favourite, and they always make me smile

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