14/1/11: These are the scales that told me, this morning, that I weigh less than I did this time last year. And that's after having a baby, and whilst succumbing to chocolate cravings, so that really makes me smile!

13/1/11: the children went to a sleepover, and this photo was taken at some ungodly hour, like 10am, after we had a chance to sleep in! It was great having a lazy morning.

12/1/11: I don't know what happened to these muffins. They kind of exploded and went weird. Maybe it was the temperature in the electric oven, or perhaps I overloaded the cases. Nevertheless, it made everybody laugh, because they looked like big tongues coming out of the muffins.

11/1/11: we spent the afternoon at the playground. We all had so much fun, and Matthew here made some excellent 'Spiderman' poses

10/1/11: Whilst we all worked outside to prepare for some landscaping, our elegant and beautiful puppy (aged 11) watched and observed with pride