Silly birds

Silly. And broody.

But so, so lovely :)


I can’t get enough of these beautiful birds! 

The ducks have been building nests out in the garden, where the weeds are thick and make good shelter. I found a clutch of eggs when I was weeding recently. It was easy to move the eggs and get the duck to sit inside the coop, where it’s safe. But don’t get me started on the chook who has been intent on stealing the duck’s eggs! (I’ve had to separate her from the others, locked in a different coop. If she starts sitting, I might buy in some fertilised eggs and start a new flock. If she’d doesn’t sit, hopefully she’ll lay more eggs!)

A duck’s nest in the coop. She made a beautiful nest, lined it with feathers, and when her eggs were placed in there, she covered them with her feathers again

So, we have two ducks sitting on 10 eggs each, and five broody hens. I’m not sure how fertile our duck eggs will be, but I was given 9 fertilised eggs, so there’s hope for ducklings. Our chook eggs are fertilised but in all honesty I don’t really want too many chooks, and if I let all my broody girls sit on 5-6 eggs each, that’s a lot of chickens!


Well, maybe I’ll have some duckling/chick news next month! [Twenty ducklings due in 5 weeks, 5 chicks and some kits due next week;  a dozen or so chicks due to hatch in over a fortnight. So stay tuned – and keep your fingers crossed for us!]