Snippets of farm stuff


We do love our chickens! Chelsea is sitting on some eggs. We enjoy gathering eggs each day. It’s sometimes difficult to use as many eggs as we are getting each day but it’s such a great part of our day.


We have a couple of newborn lambs – both boys. This one had only just been born when I took this photo this morning. Mother sheep was madly licking him clean and hadn’t delivered the placenta yet. We’re happy that so far our sheep are very good protective mothers. We love watching the little lambs; they’re so cute. It’s not very weird that we’ll eat them one day.


The mornings are so pretty and crisp. Today was 28 degrees and this morning was beautiful with its silver light and fragrant air. The sounds of many birds and animals add to the calm atmosphere.


Family time in the paddocks is special and fun. We love exploring and discussing what is happening on our little farm. We love making plans and holding hands as we wander around. I go slowly, taking slow, small steps on the grass, feeling heavy and full if baby! Being slow forces me to take notice of more things and having Elora’s hand in mine helps me see things through her perspective too.


The children join in with the weekend jobs. Their favourite job is mowing the lawn!


Things are growing. We don’t have a lot of vegetables planted yet. We are in the process of building a poly tunnel for our vegetables. And the seedlings we planted a few weekends ago died, possibly because the compost and earth in the garden beds were too fresh and strong. We’ll let it sit for a bit and focus on weeding and other jobs before more planting soon. For now we are enjoying a few things, like these broad beans that are so hardy they grow year round.


I’m enjoying the garden. Things are blooming! It’s a big work in progress and there’s loads of weeding to do but the garden is growing and one day, with the flowers and fruit trees, it will be beautiful.

It’s nice having some more good weather so we can get outdoors and use the long days to work in the paddocks and garden. God knows there’s shiploads to do. Our favourite weekends are spent outdoors, together, working on a project or two.


And, of course, Jac is always über helpful!