Fangorn Farm Delights

It’s such a beautiful time of year. However, I didn’t feel very exuberant about the apparent return of winter last week, though it did mean that we could run the stove without warming up the house too much.

The weather has fined up – for now – and we are enjoying some sunshine. It means our hot water is very hot, without using the wood stove as back up. We can open the windows and have a breeze flowing through the house.

The pond in our front garden has been a great source of entertainment for the children and me. There are frogs and all kinds of bugs and things. It brings back memories of my childhood, when I would sit by the pond and catch frogs and tadpoles.

We have been enjoying picking fresh strawberries. Unfortunately (for us), our puppy Jac likes to eat strawberries too, so we have to get in quickly before he gets into the patch! It will be better when the back yard is fenced off from the dogs, but for now we’ll have to make do.

I’m so used to ‘making do’ now that it could be my middle name, or tattooed on my forehead. Monte might argue against this; apparently I can be a bit of a nag.

If Elora wakes me up early enough, I can oftentimes find a gorgeous sunrise like the one pictured. I am so pleased we live in tassie. Not only is it so beautiful and lush, but it’s so nice and cool. I find that I get hot and bothered if the temperature is over 22. It’s great.